Berea Beloved

Farewell Berea Beloved! Many friendships were formed pretty darn fast and truer than air. I have stood shoulder to shoulder (and have had many stand next to me) in kinship beneath white and blue, which also transcended state lines.  Some of us hung around the area while some returned to old stomping grounds and others made their marks in new places.

You have taught me humility; how to fall and get back up.  You taught me community; how to be open to others helping me. You taught me the richness and beauty of diversity and inclusivity.  Compassion, love, patience, honesty, vulnerability, independence and companionship are just a few more.  You taught me to be human.

Thank you, Berea, for 12 surprisingly transformative years – personally and professionally.  It is now time for me to use what I have gleaned and move on.  Keep ringing those chimes, Berea Beloved.